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Proven Skin Care Tips

There are different skin care products and routines that can give you the complexion of your dream. You should use products that are safe for your body. Any skin care routine aims at tuning up one’s complexion. A complete skin care routine consists of three primary steps;
• Moisturizing- Softening and hydrating the skin.
• Cleansing- This involves washing the face for about two times in a day.
• Toning- Toning is balancing of the skin.
The following are the proven skin care tips that every person should follow;

Give Your Skin Time

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Anyone who wants to reap the numerous benefits of skin care products should give his/her skin time. It is difficult to find a product that works instantly. To see the best results, you should use a certain product consistently. In general, you will notice a difference once you apply a skin care product for about six weeks, twice daily. You should follow the order of consistency when using the different types of skin care products- from thin to thick products. For instance, you should start with cleansers, toners, serums, and finally moisturizers.


Initially, people used alcohol-based products for drying up oil skins and removing dirt after the cleansing process. Most people use modern toners as supplements. These are thin liquids which deliver a lot of nutrients. Applying the right toner on your skin makes it easier for it to absorb other skin care products. They also play an essential role in balancing one’s complexion. Some of the ingredients used in making skin toners include;

  • Vitamin C and E- these vitamins play a crucial role in fighting the free radicals that lead to premature aging of the skin
  • Green tea and rose water- These are potent anti-inflammatory products that reduce the redness of the skin as well as calming irritation of the skin.
  • Beta and alpha hydroxy acids- You can use these products to remove the dead skin cells that would clog the skin pores. They are also useful in minimizing dullness and improving sun damaged skin.

Applying the Right Facial Cleanser

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You should apply a cleanser that can’t strip healthy, essential oils. These products are applied with exfoliating scrubs weekly. Avoid using scrubs that have abrasive ingredients or the ones made of crushed walnut shells. The following are the common types of cleansers for different skin types;
• Foaming liquid- For acne-prone or oily skin
• Lotion or cream- For dry or eczema-prone skin
• Micellar water-any skin type
• Melting balm-for mature skin