Reasons to Wear Wooden Sunglasses

March 11, 2021

Wood Sunglasses are still one of the biggest trends at the level of fashion. Since this trend and movement for eco-friendly and sustainability emerged, wooden glasses have not lost pace in the sector, and more and more people want to wear this type of glasses.

There are a significant number of glasses models, made with different wood and with different lenses to choose from, but all based on the same premise: to achieve high quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products.

Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses

In addition to the trend itself, wearing this type of glasses has a series of benefits that are:

  • Being madewood glasses of natural wood, it prevents allergies and reactions that other synthetic materials usually produce.
  • These types of glasses are very light and light, although at first, they may seem otherwise. This makes them very comfortable to wear.
  • Being made of wood and handcrafted, the final product is unique and unrepeatable, as is each piece of wood.
  • They are very resistant to different atmospheric conditions, as well as to shocks.
  • For each sale of this type of glasses that are made, a tree is planted with which it is intended to reforest and obtain greater extensions of natural green areas.
  • They adapt very well to the contour of the face, and thanks to their lightness and ergonomic shape, they are a pleasure to wear.

Best Usage Practices

As we anticipated at the beginning of this article, wooden sunglasses are still on the rise, and they continue to be the protagonists in terms of accessories and trends. For this reason, we want to make some recommendations for use so that they last longer:

  • Although they have a treatment that protects them from humidity, it is advisable not to abuse them and not to wet them too often.
  • It is important to keep them after use in the bag that comes with the order to avoid scratching and spoiling the crystals.
  • Take them and enjoy them as you want.

What Are the Types of Wooden Sunglasses?

Wooden sunglasses are fashionable products, so there are several types of them. Wooden shell sunglasses and wooden smoking sunglasses are two types of products most representative of us. For example, smoking wooden sunglasses can bring great comfort to people who like to smoke. Tobacco can be placed directly on both sides of the sunglasses, and the wooden temples are equivalent to smoking pipes. Look for the right sunglasses that will leave you looking more attractive.