How to Install Clip-in Hair Extensions

May 29, 2020

Clip-in hair extensions are popular among women because they make women stand out, especially in crowds. Women feel more comfortable with the clip-in extensions that make them grab attention, especially with wavy and curly clip-ins. Women also get the courage and enhanced self-esteem to walk in the streets with their hair done and are free to turn their heads immaculately with happiness.

More than half of the women population with hairstyles that appear maintained, use clip-in extensions. There are many different types of these clip-ins, although, in this article, we will focus more on the afro kinky curly clip-in installation after having a look at how to install clip-in extensions generally.

How to Install Clip-in Extensions 

Installing hair clip-ins doesn’t need a lot of requirements nor special tools, all you need is your clip-in set and a tail comb to divide your hair into sections, and also some rubber bands to hold the ponytails well in position.

Separate 1 inch of the hair using a comb; if perhaps your hair is smooth or silky, you can backcomb it into several sections then install the clip-ins. They come out very nicely this way. You can as well make many ponytails using rubber bands; the tips will hold the clip-ins well and firmly.

Take one of the clip-ins that you want to install. Press it onto your weft, twist it, then slide the clasps into your hair and shut them. You should hear or feel clips snapping. That way, you can be sure your wefts are in position and secure.

For the afro kinky curly clip-ins, they are also straightforward to install, here is how you do it:

Before doing anything, make sure that your hair is thoroughly washed and cleaned. It looks more-natural or matches perfectly with natural hair when clean. To install this clip-in, start with dividing your hair into two sections, with the less small parts at the front because the front is where you install the weft.

Install them carefully after when you’ll ensure they remain hidden and not seen. Follow up with cutting-off the unneeded parts to size the extension regularly, so it matches your hair’s height. Make sure to do this in front of a mirror to correct any mistakes and fine-tune your hair outlook.