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Three Baby Gears That a Mother Will Need the Most

June 17, 2019

Whether you are a woman who is looking for inspiration for baby shower gifts or a man who is in confusion about the things that your wife will need the most during the first months of maternity, you need to read this article! If you think you know what you’re dealing with, the chances of you getting the wrong items will be high. And believe me, useless things will be only a burden to a new mom.

For instance, a baby carrier must be of the right size and the right model. Otherwise, there will be no point of having one that is uncomfortable to wear. And having two of this item will be a waste of storage space.

Now, to avoid this mistake, read the rest of this article below!

1. A Nursing Dress

Women who are nursing a baby need a special dress for their daily routines, especially if they are used to wearing t-shirts and jeans before their pregnancy. Breastfeeding, excessive sweating, and discomforts caused by the delivery can make skin-tight clothing extremely unbearable. And those conditions explain why nursing dresses are designed to provide extra space for the body to breathe.

Moreover, the fabric of the dress must be of high-quality. Otherwise, it will be prone to shrinking after several times of washing. Modern Mummy, Angel Extra Soft, and Kindred Bravely are the best-selling nursing dresses in 2019. Not only do they offer exquisite comforts to the wearer, but they are also easy to order online.

2. A Nursing Bag

a diaperTraveling for new moms is a challenge because no matter how capable the father is to take care of the baby, they are naturally attached to the mothers. Besides, since only the mother can breastfeed the baby, the large portion of nursing is often the mother’s responsibility. Therefore, the most sensible thing you can do for a new mom is to get her a nursing bag with high versatility.

First, there must be enough pockets in the bag. At least, there are seven of them. Second, the material must be durable and waterproof since the toilet is where the baby gets their diaper changed. Third, the style must be suitable for the wearer. Some women perceive maternity as a sign of maturity, and their preference may be different from before.

3. A Baby Carrier/Wrap

a baby carrierA baby carrier is not the same as the wrap, yet they serve a single purpose, which is to carry the baby close to the wearer. And if you want to decide which model you want to buy for the new mom, then there is nothing better than to ask her directly. A baby wrap might look too complicated to wear since it requires wrapping and folding. However, it is way more comfortable to wear since it is very soft and silky.

A carrier, on the other hand, resembles a bag. You just need to buckle up and fasten the straps to be ready. However, it might be too bulky and less intimate for the baby.