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25 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. How does a library get multiple copies from Rochester Woman Magazine. I’ve seen them at other Libraries, do you still drop them off? We would love some at the Arnett Branch Library. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for inquiring about Rochester Woman Magazine, I will check with our distributor(Northstar Distributors) and make sure you start to receive extra copies.

  3. Can I subscribe through magazine copy or does it have to be via electronic issue, I would rather do the first choice, let me know – thanks :-)

  4. I read your Magazine at a office and just LOVED it !!! so I wrote down your email address. Unfortunantly it is very dificult to for me to spend hardly any time on a computer. I would just love to subscribe and pay for delivery to my address. I was so interested in the many different events to attend in the Magazine that I knew I just had to subscribe! PLEASE let me know what I need to do. I anxiously wait your reply…. Thank you so much! Cynthia (Cindy)

  5. Hi Cindy, you can subscribe to home delivery by clicking on the link on our website, or by mailing a check for $24 to our offices at 1115 E. Main St, Box 60, Rochester, NY 14609. Please allow a couple of weeks for you payment to be processed and your first issue to arrive.

  6. I manage a healthcare company in Greece New York and would like to know if we could receive copies of your magazine for our customers who come in and sometimes spend an hour with us. It would be especially nice to have for our ladies and would probably subscribe

  7. Is there anywhere to buy a magazine? My son is the chef featured at Victoire in the May issue and I would love to purchase some copies. Thank You

  8. The magazines are distributed free at most Wegmans. They will arrive from the printer tomorrow and will be distributed starting Friday morning. We will be at Eastview Mall Saturday in front of Lord & Taylor from noon to 3 handing out magazine if you would like to stop by and pick up a couple of copies.

  9. It would appear that most of your revenue is derived from the advertisers in your mag.
    It also appears that you give a lot of issues away to the bloggers who ask.
    So I’m wondering why you ask for $24 for a subscription?
    If you will send the issues to my home gratis, I’d be an avid reader.
    Barbara Mantei
    39 New London Rd
    Pittsford, NY 14534

  10. Hello Barbara, yes actually ALL of our revenue is derived for the wonderful advertisers that support our magazine. We do distribute our magazine freely in over 350 locations in and around the Rochester area including most Wegmans locations, no they are readily available almost anywhere our readers frequent. I’m not sure what your blogger comment is referring to, but we do not mail anyone copies for free as there is a rather high postage cost to do so. The $24 simply covers that cost and nothing more. Unfortunately we will not be able to mail copies to your home without a paid subscription.

  11. I’ve looked at my local Wegmans (Geneseo) and don’t see any. So can I subscribe? Can I just pay online via credit or paypal?

  12. Hi Maura,

    Unfortunately we don’t distribute down a far as Geneseo. You can however subscribe for home delivery. Here is the link to payonline. Simply fill in your delivery address when you’re checking out. Then you will start receiving the magazine in about 2 weeks. You can also receive the magazine on your iPad http://itunes.com/apps/rochesterwomanmagazine. Thanks for contacting us and reading RWM!

  13. I didn’t see the link in your last comment. Can I just pay using the link “Pay your invoice online” and just put a message that it is for a subscription with my address??

    Thanks so much!

  14. ok great – just sent in the money. There wasn’t a place for me to leave a comment, but my address should be listed with the transaction. Thanks!

  15. We got your payment. Your address will be entered into the system and you will start receiving Rochester Woman Magazine starting with the November issue. Thank You!

  16. your magazine is usually avaiable at the professional office building at highland hospital. Didn’t wee any isssues for october. Hate missing an issue. Also it would ni ce if they were available at the Latta road Wegmans

  17. Hi,

    I just wanted to check in again – I haven’t received any issues yet in my mailbox. Can you double check to be sure my address is in the mailing list? Thanks so much!!!

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