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By on June 10, 2012
Joyful Rescues
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By Mark Forrest Patrick

In December of 2002 things changed for homeless dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in Western New York with the formation of a 501(c)3 and a non-profit corporation called Joyful Rescues. The founder and creator, Joye Turock, along with her husband Jeff created the rescue group to provide an affectionate and loving forever home for the homeless pets. The Turock household has truly “gone to the dogs”. When they formed Joyful Rescues they converted their home and living space into a no-kill shelter; they never euthanize an animal due to space constraints. Joyful Rescues is located in Cuba, New York on eight acres of a doggy paradise. The facility has a pond for the dogs to swim and acres for them to run and frolic. At Joyful Rescues a majority of the pets are kept in the Turock home and other small housing facilities on their property.

The rescue relies on volunteers to foster and care for the pets. Currently Joyful Rescues has a volunteer/foster base of approximately one hundred and twenty five volunteers. The rescue is not your typical shelter environment. A majority of the pets are not in cages and live in a home environment once they have completed the quarantine period unless medical or behavioral needs warrant a cage. Joyful Rescues has approximately eight foster homes in the Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo area. The average stay for a pet at Joyful Rescues is approximately three months. Unfortunately, there are those pets that stay with the rescue a little longer due to medical and or behavioral issues. The rescue at the present time has approximately 145 dogs and 40 cats in their care. According to

Joye, “our goal is to reduce the overpopulation through spay and neutering and to put us out of business.”

The goal of Joyful Rescues is to re-home and save dogs and cats from becoming homeless through education, spay/neutering and being a part of the community. Before any pet is adopted it is required to be spay/neutered to control the pet overpopulation.

Joyful Rescue consists of a volunteer Board of Directors including the founder Joye Turock. With the rapid growth and expansion the rescue has four full time paid employee and one part-time employees to assist with the care and handling of the pets. The pets receive the best quality care from the day they are brought to the rescue to the day they are adopted.

When you visit with a volunteer at Joyful Rescue it is truly heartwarming when you see the love and care they have for their pets. The pets truly have a special place in the homes of the foster families. During my conversation with Joye she had fifty dogs at her feet all waiting for a forever home. This is a true commitment and the rescue should be applauded for their time and energy given to these pets.

Joyful Rescue relies on donations and support from their adoptions to cover veterinary bills, vaccinations and care for the pets in their care. For more information or to become a foster provider visit or

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