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By on May 12, 2012
Laurie Rocco
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Owner, Rocco Chiropractic

“I don’t know how to give less than one-hundred percent,” laughed Dr. Laurie Rocco heartily, “I really don’t!”

After having been graced with the fortune of speaking with Rocco, I certainly can vouch for her statement. Marked with an incontestably sincere sense of humor, a generous heart, and a seemingly limitless supply of energy, Rocco is nothing short of a veritable inspiration to those around her.

She begins most days with a three mile or so hike; perhaps you have caught a glimpse of her on the nature trails at Whiting Road in Webster. As if the hikes alone are not exhilarating enough expenditures of energy, Rocco then goes to work as a chiropractor at the practice she owns, also in Webster, Rocco Chiropractic, PLCC. After investing hours attending to her treasured patients, she typically ventures off to her second full-time job: volunteering as a Squadron Commander at the local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) program.

“It’s good that I can get by on very little sleep,” Rocco joked. It’s no wonder. However, in speaking with Rocco, it’s impossible not to take note of the tones of gratitude in her voice. She is undoubtedly passionate about each venue that she’s involved in, is ever-endearing, and just as excited to witness and be involved with her patients’ rehabilitation as she is to see the young cadets she’s mentored in the CAP programs excel.

Rocco knew at a young age that she wanted to be a doctor. Eventually, she discovered that becoming a chiropractor would allow her the ample, one-on-one contact with her patients that she desired.

Rocco and I discussed the vast level of influence the mind has on the body, and vice versa. She is a neuromusculoskeletal specialist, meaning that when she cares for her patients; all said body systems are taken into consideration. The nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems are tremendously intertwined. She explained that many of the patients she sees for issues such as back pain, etc. are suffering because of their lifestyle choices; seldom do they even realize this.

Rocco holds a tender spot in her heart for the women that approach her with their health ailments caused by stress. “Women do carry a lot of stress- more than people actually realize,” Rocco stated, “Most women are out there working, multi-tasking and taking care of their homes; they have a lot on their plates.”

Rocco explained that a substantial part of patient care in these circumstances is helping them to see the connection between their everyday life choices and their physical health. She helps them to evaluate their daily routines so as to better determine what habits are causing physical distress, and what healthier habits could be implemented in order to optimize overall health.

It’s not just women that are suspect to falling short physically in meeting demands in a high-pressure society, I might add. Rocco mentioned that more and more male patients are approaching her
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