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Platter Chatter Edibles
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Edibles Restaurant and Bar, located in Rochester’s charming, ‘Neighborhood of the Arts,’ has been described as one of our city’s best-kept secrets. While other trendier eateries have arrived on the scene with fanfare only to fizzle out a few years later, Edibles has been serving innovative and inspired dishes, prepared with high-quality ingredients and presented with simplicity and elegance since 1997. After tasting some of Edibles’ most popular offerings, I can understand why those in the know might want to keep this place all to themselves.

Restaurateur Jason Herbert calls Edibles an “eclectic American bistro,” and in true melting-pot fashion, some of the stand-out dishes have decidedly old-world roots. Take the perogies, which are the ultimate in upscale comfort food; the dough is rustic and homestyle, the filling a smooth potato and gorgonzola mixture. Applesauce and caramelized onions, as well as a drizzle of sour cream, are authentic touches that enhance the savory notes of these amazing little turnovers.

Asian touches are evident at Edibles, too. Lunchbox Shrimp come served in a cute Chinese restaurant container, but are definitely a step up from typical takeout fare. These jumbo shrimp owe their delightful crunch to a panko coating, and their slightly sticky, finger-licking appeal to a sweet and sour glaze with just a hint of heat.

Panko makes another appearance in Chicken d’Medici. Nearly hidden under a heaping salad, the crispy chicken cutlet makes a fine foundation for more assertive flavors of arugula and onion. A lemon dressing and freshly shaved parmesan cheese are natural complements to both the poultry and the greens. Put it all together and you have a simple, satisfying entrée perfect for a midsummer’s dinner.

Seems like every place serves a seared tuna dish; Edibles is no exception–but their execution of the seafood classic, called Tuna Vert, is decidedly unique. No sesame crust or wasabi mayo here; instead, the pink-centered fish is plated on a puree of avocado that is unbelievably creamy. A drizzle of beautiful basil-infused oil, and a side dish of crisp, thin haricots verts complete the green theme.

Maybe it’s my Midwestern roots, but of all the food I tried at Edibles, the tater tots were possibly my very favorite dish. Yes, tater tots–but these are a far cry from the cafeteria standard. Porcini mushroom and truffle oil make these a sophisticated nosh, and the spicy, sriracha-infused Thai aioli is way more fun than ketchup could ever dream of being. Truffle Tots are a popular item at the bar, where Edibles patrons can enjoy local and imported wines, a selection of beer, classic cocktails (think sidecars, Negronis, sloe gin fizzes, old fashioneds) or contemporary tipples like the Gummy Bear or the Skinny Bitch. Another great option for cocktail hour would be the tasting platter for two, a selection of Chef Pawl Kane’s creative appetizers. Or stop in for a sweet treat, such as a spiked coffee or one of Edibles’ house-made desserts. I tried the mint-chocolate creme brulee and was blown away by this delicious spin on a classic.

Follow Edibles on social media to find out more about their daily specials (BYOB Monday, $1 crab cakes on Tuesday, 2-for-1 bar nights on Thursday) as well as events like the monthly drag brunch and occasional fundraisers.

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