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By on May 6, 2012
Madonna Obgyn
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Madonna OB/GYN hardly resembles a clinic. In fact, the facility seems more like the luxurious spa getaway you’ve always pined for. The walls are not a dismal, pasty white but are painted in soothing earth tones, deep plums, warm grays, and chocolaty browns. In place of trite medical posters featuring the human anatomy in a less-than-flattering manner are the likes of aesthetically-pleasing black and white photographs. The ultra-chic décor reminds you of the pages of an acclaimed home interior magazine, and the place is marked by posh pieces of furniture.

Resembling a sophisticated living room is the waiting room, which in many health care facilities, is the most intimidating aspect of the experience. Not at Madonna OB/GYN. Apart from sporting a gorgeous fireplace, the chairs are cozy leather in lieu of generic, chilling, typical “doctor’s office” chairs. This is all part of the innovative vision Madonna Tomani, M.D., has for her practice–to be, in her own words, “something different.”

“When you see the doctor,” Tomani explains, “it shouldn’t be threatening. You shouldn’t feel like a number. It should feel like a family.”

Dr. Sraddha Prativadi, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Madonna OB/GYN, speaks of Rochester as a leading contender in health service: “We’re in a fortunate town, we have a high level of care here,” she says, “but we have to pay attention to how we care.”

In 2010, Dr. Tomani joined forces with a friend and business partner to establish the practice with an objective to offer a unique alternative for women in Rochester. Dr. Tomani stresses that Rochester is all-around an ideal community, not only in terms of medical expertise, but it’s a first-rate location for raising a family. At Madonna OB/GYN, a division of Invision Health, Tomani is joined by Prativadi, Catherine Falcon, NP, and Donna Nothnagle, RN. The practice prides itself on providing comprehensive care, on its holistic-based attitude toward women’s health, and its devotion to relational patient care. In fact, because of its admirable standard, women all across the region are flocking toward the practice. “We’ve hardly had to do any advertising,” states Tomani in humble awe.

According to Dr. Prativadi, “The most important thing is to maintain an open, non-judgmental, loving environment. From a philosophical standpoint, people are searching for a loving environment. Some find it in a church, some are fortunate enough to find it in their own families, but I think solution-oriented environment does wonders.”

Madonna OB/GYN offers a vast array of services from gynecology, to Botox, to laser hair removal, to 3D and 4D ultrasounds, to weight loss programs. Tomani is also currently in the process of extending the services, hoping to soon provide acupuncture and other holistic remedies.

“I always loved taking care of people,” says Tomani, “and women are so easy to take care of! They’re so motivated, they come with questions. You become a monumental part of their life-you can’t help it! You’re there for the most intimate events in their life-you’re there to deliver their babies, or you’re there if there’s a tragedy.”

It would be an understatement to say that most women are not rushing to their gynecologist appointment. I asked Dr. Prativadi what she believes to be the greatest misconceptions about women’s healthcare. “There are so many,” she laughs, “Number one-pelvic exams should not hurt! Exams should be done with tact and tenderness. I wish I could eradicate that fear. There’s also somehow this false information about labor and laboring in the hospital,” she says.

“I think there was a point in time where labor was overly-medicalized, and so today, the labor experience is really not like that. Especially at Highland, the staff is excellent, and they have access of medical care to keep things safe and have good outcomes. They also provide a nice, homey feel, and a warm, supported labor experience, not only for the mother, but also for her partner, her mother, etc.”

Each professional member of Madonna OB/GYN is passionate about developing quality relationships with patients and is determined to provide an outstanding level of care.

To learn more, visit: http://www.madonnaobgyn.com

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