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By on October 2, 2012
October Local Business Matters
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Every woman deserves the opportunity to look and feel their best. This is especially true for women undergoing treatment for cancer. At Sue’s Finishing Touch Salon in Henrietta, Oana Dancuta, Rochester’s first certified oncology esthetician, is helping such women feel beautiful at a time when they need to be pampered the most.

Dancuta moved to Rochester four years ago from her home country of Romania, where she was first a biology teacher. She decided to make a career change into the healing arts after her own esthetician in Romania succumbed to kidney cancer. Dancuta says, “I am forever thankful to her for making me look and feel great. I realized I wanted to help others learn how to take better care of themselves, and make people happy”.

She also recommends the book Grace and Grit by Ken Wilber, whose story of cancer patients was an enlightening experience for Dancuta.

While able to provide esthetics (beauty treatments to the skin) to anyone, Dancuta is highly trained to work with oncology patients, providing skin care services while they are receiving treatment therapies or post-treatment therapies. She earned her certification in Cosmetic Chemistry and Advanced Skin Analysis from The Skincare Therapy Institute Corp. in Atlanta, Georgia. “I’ve been trained in proper touch techniques, as well as using and applying the appropriate skincare products to each individuals’ skin needs,” states Dancuta, “which is important, because cancer patients have fragile skin”. She proudly uses the Lindi Skin product line, which was created by a team of experts from dermatology and oncology with the design to help soothe and relieve the effects of cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy. Therefore, the products are free of fragrances and other irritants that allow it to be used by all skin types. “Many patients are not prepared for the side effects to their skin during cancer treatments, like dry/itching skin and rashes, so these products help individuals feel better both physically and emotionally”.

Just some of the services Dancuta can provide include anti-stress, vitamin revitalizing facials, resurfacing peels, and dermal rolling/needling, which is used to stimulate natural collagen. All of which are safe, gentle, but still effective treatments. Oncology patients are required to obtain consent from their doctor in order for Dancuta to treat them. The average price for her services is $40.

Dancuta will soon be celebrating her first year with Sue’s Finishing Touch Salon, crediting the festive fall decorations to what drew her attention to applying to the salon last year! “They have a very welcoming atmosphere, and over twenty years of experience, so it was an easy choice to work here,” Dancuta states. The salon owner, Sue Blackmar, has been in the business for over thirty years.

High school friends and a similar climate are what brought Oana Dancuta and her family from Romania to the Rochester area. Her husband, Dobrin, travels back and forth to Romania for his business, and together the couple has two young boys, David and Daniel. In her spare time, Dancuta loves to cook, and makes Romanian food everyday. Her family also enjoys playing tennis, golf, and bicycling – which Dancuta is quick to remind everyone to use lots of sunscreen!

Dancuta truly seems to be enjoying her second career.“I believe everybody should feel beautiful, healthy, and relaxed. I am so proud to be able to provide a soothing, healing, comforting experience.”

Oana Dancuta can be reached at Sue’s Finishing Touch Salon
585-334-1280, www.suesfinishingtouchsalon.com

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