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By on June 10, 2012
June Gardening Diva
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By Frances Grossman

It’s June – the fun and carefree time of year when it’s cool to toss our sunglasses on and have the wind blow through our hair. Our wardrobes are brighter, the fabrics lighter and pedicures are at the top of mind as our favorite ‘go to’ shoes will feature our new seasonal nail polish colors!  

Many of our favorite summer magazines talk about fashion forward thinking – easy care materials that look great and highlight our best features. I can’t help but think of the movie, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. There is one scene that stands out in my mind. Meryl Streep’s character talks about the fashion world and how the top, best known designers strategically plan, target and thoughtfully execute each new style that will grace the runway. Their expert knowledge and willingness to take chances on design and color sets the tone for what the rest of the world wears.  

Sure – we live in upstate New York where we, as a community, tend to be a bit more conservative than the chic and edgy boutiques in Milan or Paris. But one thing remains, we are all looking to see what’s NEW, what’s HOT and what the latest trends are.

Gardening is very similar to fashion. Your flowers, garden art, planters and landscaping are all accessories that ‘dress’ and compliment your home & garden. Although I have learned so much about gardening and decorating our outdoor living spaces over the years, I’m certainly not an expert in every area. I too, scour the latest gardening magazines to see what trends and colors they are showing for the season. I love going to the markets in Atlanta and New York with Dan, our Garden Art & Home Décor buyer to see what’s new and hot for the upcoming seasons. It’s fun and well…one of the fabulous parts of my job!

I spoke with our growers and buyers and am thrilled to bring you the hottest picks for plants in your summer garden….

‘Patchwork’ Impatiens: These beautiful sea-shell shaped blossoms light up a shade garden. The lavender, pink and peach color choices are all two-toned for added interest and ongoing vibrancy for your outdoor spaces. Impatiens are tough and will withstand the summer heat beautifully on a regular watering schedule.  They are fabulous for your garden, window boxes and containers.  

Annual Vinca: is the summer love for our grower, Bruce! Excellent for filling in your garden with bright colors, Vinca is incredibly tolerant of the heat and can withstand drought very well. You can plant Vince in spots that have all day hot summer sun and expect to be rewarded with deep, rich green leaves and happy ongoing red, pink, white and two-toned summer blooms.  

Bloodleaf (Iresine Herbstii): is Jamie’s favorite. I can always count on Jamie to come up with the unusual varieties that will make an incredible statement and this is no exception. Growing to approximately 24” the Iresine offers dramatic color for the garden but more specifically for containers and window boxes. The ‘veining’ offers a faux texture on the leaves that is stunning and the foliage color POPS for fabulous interest. This is a must have for your outdoor spaces.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a ‘shout -out’ for my favorite Rose as June is National Rose Month. Vintage and ‘soft feminine’ is the fashion here as in clothing, thus let’s talks about The English Rose.Traditional, nostalgic and fabulous, you will be rewarded with incredible fragrance, big beautiful blooms and magnificent color for your garden.  

So there you have it my friends, you personal Flower Fashion Show right here in print! Stop in to the nursery for the real-life; knock your socks off experience of Paris or Milan, right here in Rochester!  


Frances Grossman is the president of Grossmans Garden & Home in Penfield, NY. into WHAM 1180 every Saturday from Noon-1:00 pm for the ‘Grossmans Garden Show Live on WHAM 1180’ Visit Grossmans Garden & Home on Facebook.

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