GARDENING DIVA: Enjoying Nature’s last hurrah before she hibernates…!

By on October 2, 2012
October Gardening Diva
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One of the nicest things about living in upstate New York is our four incredibly distinct seasons. We’re lucky to experience every facet of Mother Nature’s brilliance.
For this month, I’d like to chat, or to share a smile with you about the many gifts of autumn we are able to collect now to hold us over for a bit. This month’s simple message is to… Spend October Outdoors! Take the time to be happy and content in the crisp autumn air. There’s so much to do, so many enticing opportunities that we can enjoy such as a leisurely walk or hike through the countryside, a festive and fun-filled afternoon in one of our community parks, biking the canal trail or spending an afternoon fussing in the garden or kicking back by the fire pit and soaking up the fragrance and warmth.

Oh and our local town’s farm markets… Grapes, apples, locally harvested produce (my mouth is watering!). The very best produce, salad and micro greens I’ve ever tasted have come from either the local market or our backyard garden. Let’s face it – our gardens don’t always have what we need or want, so why not do the farm market circuit (Fairport and Brighton are my two favorites) and support our local farmers? It’s a (delicious) win/win!

I’m going to take a bit of my own advice, right at this very moment. I’m going to spell check this little letter to you and then turn off my computer. I’m closing my office door and walking home to enjoy the rest of this gloriously crisp afternoon. There is something familiar and utterly comfortable about pulling on my favorite sweater and settling in with a couple of ‘free’ hours to enjoy outdoors with the dogs. But listen, just between you and me, my absolute favorite sweater isn’t really mine at all – it’s Larry’s! I’ll just mosey right into his closet and ‘borrow’ it. I’ll bet you a glass of wine that I can make it through dinner before he looks at me, and I mean really looks at me and says… “Is that my sweater? Stop wearing my clothes!”

Last month offered you everything you need to know to make fall gardening easy, fun and successful. Additionally, you can always visit for inspiration, seasonal pictures and 50+ gardening videos; it’s like having your own personal Gardening Coach 24/7! Or better yet, stop in to see us in Penfield. You will see plenty of smiling faces, and even a couple happy tails wagging from Lucy and Roxie.

Have a wonderful October! Enjoy autumn and the bounty of its harvest. I will look forward to catching up with you again next month just in time for spectacular holiday decorating!

Frances Grossman is the president of Grossmans Garden & Home in Penfield, NY. 585-377-1982. Meet other savvy women, just like you! Visit Grossmans Garden & Home on Facebook

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