FASHION FORWARD: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By on September 4, 2012
Sept Fashion Forward
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By Joan E. Lincoln

Think about the image you have of yourself. Has it evolved over the years as you have? Do you still see yourself in your 20’s even though you are in your 50’s? I cherish every day I am able to assist a woman with her fashion style.  Having the opportunity to redefine and empower women to embrace who they are and what their body shape is gives me the greatest joy.
Internal imaging is not only about your body image, but it is about your entire being—mind, body and spirit. Body image is such a powerful subject in the media of late with actresses coming forward to speak about their struggles with food and image. Rochester women are mothers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s who prepare meals for our families, volunteer for our children’s school and sports, maintain our homes, and perhaps if we are fortunate, do a little yoga!  Can you imagine how we would all look if we had a stylist, chef, chauffeur and Au pair in our lives?
Your self esteem is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. Your body image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you.
An exercise I borrowed from a self-image expert posed these interesting questions to complete:
• I am beautiful because
• I am strong because
• My favorite physical activity is
• I nourish my body because
• My loved ones make me feel great about my body when
• My loved ones make me feel bad about my body when
• I feel best about myself when
• I feel bad about myself when
• A truly positive body image means
• I love being me because
• I wish that I could give myself permission to
• I always feel comfortable in my own skin when
• The lesson I have learned about my body image this year is
• If I could change one thing about my life it would be
The universal referencing Guide to Body Shapes and a few of my style suggestions:
Pear: Swing coats with a hemline flair, A-line skirts that allow for movement.
Apple: (trunky) because you have great legs, entertain the idea of a shorter skirt or shorts. Try for a monochromatic look to elongate your shape, or garments with smaller patterns and flowing fabrics. 
Hourglass: Instead of choosing big, baggy clothes to hide your shape, choose clothes to enhance what you have. Since hourglass shapes typically have well-defined waists, drawing attention to your waist with a belt or a top with a fitted waist will accentuate this great asset.

Rectangle: This shape often accompanies taller gals. A classic jacket will flatter your rectangle body type. Break-up your look with separates to give a defining center for your style. A solid bottom or top paired with an opposite patterned garment gives a rectangle shape more dimension.
Choosing the proper clothing styles for your specific body shape will make a tremendous difference on how you look to yourself and others. Rochester women are defining our community with diversity and style each her own.

Joan E. Lincoln owns Panache Vintage and Finer Consignment located in Brighton Commons.

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