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Fashion Forward
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I am a product junkie! I must have over twenty-five bottles, sprays, jars FULL of product-products for smoothing, some for thermal protection, most for curl defining and frizz control. 

I am a 52 year old woman who just recently became slightly at peace with my curly hair.

Out of my three daughters, two also were gifted with curly locks; we each have a recipe for the style and texture that defines us.
Defining what your look and style is can sometimes be half the battle. Who you were in 1980, 1990, or (you get the picture) may not necessarily be who you are today. Trending hairstyles are tempting and beautiful to admire but unlikely to maintain or achieve without having a Kardashian stylist crew at hand.
Rochester is fortunate to have numerous salons and a number of incredibly talented artists. I have had the best of Rochester dabble with my locks. The manipulation of curly hair has always both intrigued and frustrated me. However, I have always walked away from each consultation loving my hair.
Finding the right chemistry between you and your stylists is key. I went to the same salon for over 20 years then opted to make a number of changes in my life…my hairstylist was one of them.

I took a risk with my hair and have never been happier. Can you believe that I go to one of the longest-running barber shops in Brighton?  Tony Gaiter, owner of The Elegant Gent and Ladies Salon (Brighton Commons) has over 15 stylists and barbers working in his very busy salon. Newcomer Robert Buonomo Jr. introduced himself to me and asked if he could style my hair! Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm I said, “yes!” and that’s how it all began…
has made a huge rise in most European countries and has now transferred its popularity over to the US. As any bohemian fashionista knows, the hair is a big deal. There are a few key bohemian styles. They have a wild-child hippie vibe that is also classy and beautiful. 

are another favorite. This softer style is reminiscent of the way your hair dries after it’s been doused in saltwater. After you wash your hair and it’s still wet, braid it into loose braids and tie them closed until they dry. Once they dry, undo the braids and viola- you have a loose, pretty wave! These and other styles have been introduced and taught to me by the many Rochester stylists I have worked with over the years. They have also shown me the benefits of curling irons, blow dryers and numerous hair products.
Re-doing your “’do” doesn’t ever need to be drastic; I suggest that if you follow fashion trends closely and feel your “do” needs a little updating, take a risk and book a consultation. Change is good!

Joan Lincoln owns Panache Vintage and Finer Consignment in Brighton Commons.

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