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For a Good Cause - Children Awaiting Parents
Friday, February 19th, 2010 | Rochester Woman Magazine
by Kelly Sabetta

Children Awaiting Parents is a national nonprofit organization based in Rochester, NY. Established in 1972, CAP continues to place children waiting in foster care into loving adoptive families. Originally named the Council of Adoptive Parents, it was first created by a group of child advocates and parents who had adopted older children and children from minority groupas. For nearly 40 years, CAP has helped place approximately 6,000 children into caring families.

Gretchen Woods is the Director of Development for CAP in Rochester, and works with a team of eight people who are dedicated to helping children find loving homes. For Gretchen, her admiration for creativity, helping others to tell their story, and being engaged throughout the adoption process, drives her to help children find loving homes.

Passionate about this topic,Gretchen Woods shares how the children are featured throughout our the Rochester community.

"We have photographs featured in locations throughout Rochester right now, in Starbucks on Monroe Avenue and Clover Street, as well as Twelve Corners," Gretchen said.

Her personal experience also plays an important role in her involvement and remains dear to her heart. "Since I was young, I've known about CAP, and was familiar with adoption," Gretchen said. "My mom, who was a social worker at the time, was adopted, and my brother and sister were also adopted. My family and I are very involved with events and have a deep connection with the process."

Gretchen remembers looking through what is called The CAP Book when she was younger. In the past, The CAP Book was the only printed national photolisting of America's waiting children with special needs. The book expanded into a county, regional, and then national listing. People throughout the country could flip through the book and view children's photos, biography, interests, needs, and personality.

Currently, The CAP Book is being featured on their Web site. Photos and biographies are now available to be viewed online, along with links leading to more information about adoption, resources, and facts about the process.

"The best part of my job is being able to help and work with inspiring people," Gretchen said. CAP is also involved in a mentoring program called, "Hands on Hearts," is an active Board Member of "Voice for Adoption," is active in a national recruitment program called, "Wendy's Wonderful Kids," and is also featured regularly on the WHAM News Source 13 segment, "Friday's Child."


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